PHSA Immunization Records

Client: Provincial Health Services Authority
Role: User Experience Designer
Agency: OXD

The Provincial Health Service Authority (PHSA) plays a key role in providing British Columbians with access to the provincial network for healthcare services.

The PHSA approached us for our expertise to update the BC Government’s website to include immunization records in addition to COVID-19 immunization records. The integration would allow British Columbians to have their past immunizations in a centralized place accessible for themselves and healthcare professionals as part of Health Gateway.

As part of the delivery process, we conducted a series of user interviews with British Columbians and healthcare workers on their experience storing and updating their immunization records. 

My role was to assist in the conduction of user interviews, interview analysis, and the development of wireframes and designs developed with the PHSA team using the existing BC Government Design System. 

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