Metropolis at Metrotown

Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge
Lead Designer: Lisa Ma
Studio: Twice DDB

Every season, Ivanhoe Cambridge highlight products from their hundreds of stores at Metropolis at Metrotown with a station domination at Granville Station (Vancouver, BC). With Metrotown’s recently launched Life Happens Here campaign, Twice aimed to showcase how products attainable at the shopping centre were parts of individuals every day life on top of carrying the latest on-trend fashion.

Working alongside the Twice team, my role was to conceptualize and assist in art direction for the photoshoots and typographic look and feel of each season. BC. Additionally, I lead the art direction to provide a storytelling approach with each seasonal scenario and reflect them through the designs for commuters who walk through the station corridors.

Fall 2018
Winter 2018
Fall 2018
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