Client: LUUMI
Role: UX Designer
Lead Designer: Lisa Ma
CD: Stéphane Fournier, James Bateman

LUUMI is a start-up looking to Unplastic the World and make people rethink single-use plastics. As part of the DDB Ignite initiative, I worked alongside the Twice, DDB, and Tribal team to develop the brand and website for LUUMI, expanding the brand’s identity onto digital platforms and be part of in art directing of their Indiegogo launch campaign.

My role as UX designer was to develop the main website design, animations, and interactions to best reflected their fun and whimsical style. Working alongside the Twice and DDB team, I aided in storyboarding, art directing, and overseeing the product and campaign photoshoots, as well as develop all the assets for the campaign launch and e-commerce website.

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