In Chinatown – TO

In Chinatown – TO is an interactive documentary exploring the history of Toronto’s Chinatown history, covering the First Chinatown and expanding to West and East Chinatown. The site combines a series of interviews from individuals and past residents and is supported by 360 photographs, 3-dimensional photogrammetric renderings and archival imagery.

The history gathered is based on a compilation of books, articles and historic documents of Toronto Chinatown’s history. Images used were gathered from the City of Toronto Archives, the Toronto Public Library Archives, as well as the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, all additional media such as 3D renderings and 360 imagery were created by myself.

This work is a living archive and open to contributions to create a shared body of knowledge documenting Toronto’s Chinatown’s history from local businesses, personal memories, and historic events. If you’d like to contribute to the on-going project, please visit the project at

This work was created with the help and participation of Morris Lum, Arlene and Leo Chan, and the Tea Base community.

This work was also generously funded by the OCAD Graduate Studies Grant.