BCAA – Website Redesign

Client: BCAA
Role: UX Designer
Creative Director: Stéphane Fournier
Studio: Tribal DDB
Website: www.bcaa.com

As one of the most trusted brands in Western Canada, BCAA needed a website refresh that would better reflect their brand, and provide a more modernized and enhanced experience online to members to learn more about their award-winning services.

In partnership with Blast Radius, the DDB Tribal team developed the full online brand experience for BCAA, from brand architecture and strategy, as well as an evolved design system and brand guideline. The resulting redesign provided the mobile-first redesign an enhanced user experience, that was modern, enhanced in functionality, and more accessible.

With improved self-service purchase journeys and buy flows, the redesign provided BCAA with a 73% increase in membership conversion, a 27% membership sales increase, and 1,400 unique impressions on social media.

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