Nothing Understands You Like Opera

Encourage culturally engaged young people aged 20-30 to experience opera for the first time.

To better connect with the targeted audience, Nothing Understands You Like Opera plays along with the stereotype of a younger generation feeling misunderstood and the elaborate and dramatic plots found in opera to create a relatable and interactive experience.

By connecting everyday experiences felt by the target audience and linking them with similar felt moments in opera, the audience is immediately engaged and emotionally connected to opera’s humanistic and universal themes.

A submission for the YCN 2016 Student Awards.


A microsite was designed along with a supporting advertising campaign to persuade users to be involved, the microsite allows users to type in any emotion they’re feeling and based on those keywords receiving an opera with similar associated emotions as a result.

These results may be currently playing performances, in which users may also purchase tickets. Users have the ability to quickly watch trailers for performances and become more informed of the variety of work shown at the Royal Opera House.

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