Eckhart Berlin Filmarchiv

Awards: 2015 Salazar Awards – Honourable Mention


The Eckhart Berlin Filmarchiv is a national film archive centering influential European film history of the 19th century. Handed down from the late Herr Eckhart, the centre is used as an archive and education facility, open to the public for research, film screenings, and live entertainment.

From drama to animation to documentaries and historical footage, the EBF is dedicated to the preservation of European film history and their mission is to provide visitors with the most resources available to them.

The Eckhart Berlin Filmarchiv provides a centre for discussion for film professionals and the general public. The archive plays homage to the moving image and the lastest technology to renew the life of Eurocinema and to broadcast their vast collection.


The sheer volume of information at archives typically waters down the attention provided to each work. One of the major challenges faced was how to make information easily attainable and create an identity that had a personality of its own while being adaptable to any form of cinematic history.

The goal of the archives was to create a reputation of being the centre of European film history that allowed its visitors to actively participate and contribute information in an active and thought provoking environment.

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