Art in Decay – In Defence of the Poor Image

Art in Decay is a study of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Frank P. Wood gallery and is a speculative exploration of the distortion and degradation of images and 3D spaces within VR environments.

The work is inspired by Hito Steyerls’s Ripping Reality: Blind Spots and Wrecked Data in 3D (2019). Within Ripping Reality, Steyerl writes “[…]f you have only one point of view, what you get is at best 2.5D: a space between surface and volume. 2.5D is created with 3D technology, yet it is imperfect 3D.”

Within this piece, I explored the use of exhibition spaces staged in VR technology and broadened my understanding of art within the virtual space and the speculative future of VR environments open to manipulation and degradation over time with reference to Hito Steyerl’s In Defense of the Poor Image (2009).

This work was rendered using Agisoft Metashape and staged within Unreal Engine.

© 2021 Lilian Leung