Dual Data

1 in 3 people are at risk of permanently losing their digital assets.

Dual Data is a conceptual website that allows users to easily track and consolidate their social media accounts to enjoy their digital assets and allow them to be passed on to future generations.

The Dual Data Project is an accompanying campaign that allows users to tag their images on supported dual social media and have their images saved in time capsule. This campaign is on-going and entries are opened on major holidays and world events.

2016New Designers Sky Creative Award

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Out of all our digital assets, the ones most wanted to be saved for loved ones is photos(73%), emails and messages (69%), and music (57%). Having a way to easily access digital assets and being able to share them with friends and family currently and in the future is an important priority of many people today as we become more involved and dependent on the internet to keep hold of our memories and experiences.

Dual Data

Dual Data allows users to link their most used social media accounts together to easily consolidate all their information in a secure way. The content is slowly gathered over time, backing up valuable memories for future enjoyment. Users can easily control what content is being saved by importing their already existing privacy settings.

Userflow as a Primary User-

Dual Data

Dual DataDual Data

Dual Data


Userflow as a Benefactor-

Dual Data

Dual Data


Initial users can compile their information in a familiar fashion as they would with current social networking sites. Just as any other background tracking software, like last.fm, Fitbit, and etc, Dual would given specific permission gather base data that the user would like preserved.

Dual DataDual NYC Metro Mockup Dual 3D Rendering A 3D-printed rendering was made to show the scale and possibilities of adding different physical outputs for future technology along with the ability to export data in its original format or in future used file formats.

The physical hard-drive is meant to provide users a sense of physical ownership over the digital assets of their loved ones and give them their own personal copy of their loved one’s files.